Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Room Service Indicator Display can be install in any door?
Yes! All of our displays come ready to install. It only takes drilling 3 holes in the door and 5 minutes to mount the display.

The display uses batteries?
No. Our product doesn’t need electricity or batteries.

Why the Room Service Indicator Display is better than the regular service cards?
• Our product is mounted on the door so I won’t fall off the handle or get lost.
• Is very simple to use.
• It can only be operated from the inside of the room so no other guests can chance the status.
• Is doesn’t use batteries or electricity.
• The mechanical system comes with lifetime warranty.
• We have different colors so you can choose the one that matches with you doors.

Does the display comes in English?
The Room Service Indicator Display has just images with no text. So all of your guests or staff could understand no matter what language they speak.

Do I need special equipment or technicians to install the display?
No. A handy man is capable of install it in just 5 minutes. You just need a drill and the display comes already with the screws and a drilling plan so you won’t make mistakes.

Can I become a dealership of your product?
Yes! We will be happy to have you selling our products. If you want information click here