Hotel housekeepers’ secrets

Hospitality industry takes a lot of work and it can be very stressful sometimes. Housekeeping is one of this jobs that even thought this position is not exactly in direct contact with the guests, they play an important role of making the rooms a nice and cozy place for them.

Every day they have to deal with a lot of issues that come more often than not with the job.

Cleaning hotel rooms is a real workout

Checking under the beds, under the sink and everywhere else, moving the furniture around, carrying towels, sheets and other stuff from room to room, guarantees a lot of squats push-ups and cardio.

Disaster zone

With clothes, souvenirs and food all over the place, some rooms can be confusing to clean. Is always easier if the hotels put a card with some basic indications to the guests just like, leaving the dirty towels on the floor and putting away clothes or personal items specially the ones on the bed.

The confusing “Do Not Disturb” sign

A lot of housekeepers say that there is a great deal of guests that leave the room very early and in a hurry and leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging in an awkward position or find the car thrown in the floor. This can be very confusing because they obviously don’t want to disturb but they also don’t want angry guest coming at the end of the day and find their rooms undone.

This last issue could be easily solved with the Room Service Display. This is a patented product that is mounted on the door that can only be operated from the inside so that way the staff will always be sure to clean the room or give the guests some privacy. There won’t be any more confusion because is not a card that can get thrown or lost or hang in a confusing way on the handle.

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