Tips to make your hotel rooms higher quality

Transforming your hotel from just a place to stay the night to a wonderful experience for your guests doesn’t have to be really expensive or nerve racking.

With some smart investments in amenities and furnishings, the returns will pay dividends down the road when guests keep coming back and booking repeat stays not to mention recommending it to their friends, colleagues, and family.

Think about how guests drive themselves around the hotel, from entering the lobby to going to the rooms or common areas.

The room, especially the bed is the most important place since is where the guest is spending a lot of the time.

Providing the best sheets and bedding you can, guests will be pleasantly surprised the first time they slide into bed, and they will fondly remember their great night’s sleep, and how confortable and cozy was the room.

The next important part of any room is the bathroom. Providing comfy, soft towels and nice toiletries you can exceed the guests’ expectations and make them very happy.

After the first night, most guests leave their rooms to do their activities and there is nothing nicer than come to a neat and clear room. This is possible thanks to your cleaning staff but a lot of the times, guests slept through most of the day and want to be left alone. Is very annoying try to get a good rest sleep and find yourself getting up to tell the staff to come later. Or worst, leave really early and come late to find an undone room.

Never again have this problem with the Room Service Display, you’ll always have happy guests. Is not a card that can get thrown or lost. Is a display mounted on the door that can only be operated from the inside so that way the staff will always be sure to clean the room or give the guests some privacy.

By focusing in little details that the guests will remember, you can change the whole hotel experience without spending a fortune and assuring your guests will have a wonderful time and they most likely return and recommend your place.

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